Collection, analysis of RWD (Real World Data) from EHR, including the usage of artificial intelligence technologies


Эффективные клинические исследования

Улучшение разработки и выведения на рынок новых препаратов, ретроспективные исследования

Автоматизированный анализ RWD

Оценка эффективности лекарственной терапии, поиск клинических и демографических характеристик

Формирование доказательств на основе RWD

Исследования и публикации научных отчетов и статей на основе анализа сформированных наборов данных RWD

Постмаркетинговый мониторинг

Оценка эффективности исследований, подтверждающих клиническую пользу применения лекарственных средств


  • Сollection of de-identified medical data from electronic medical records (EMRs)
  • Automatic merging of different episodes into a single digital patient profile
  • Automatic feature extraction from unstructured medical records
  • Identification of errors in data, detection and elimination of duplicates
  • Formation of structured data sets according to customer requirements
  • Analysis of Collected Real-World Clinical Practice (RWD) Datasets

Нow does it work?

  • We connect medical data providers to Webiomed by signing appropriate agreements for the right to collect and process anonymized data
  • We ensure full compliance with the requirements of data protection legislation and their reliable protection
  • We create various RWD sets and perform analysis based on them
  • Based on the obtained sets and the results of analytical processing, we help our customers to conduct RWD / RWE studies with participation of professional  research organizations

What for

  • Assessment of disease prevalence, risk factors and clinical characteristics
  • Evaluation of drug influence for target outcome, description of treatment regimen
  • Identification of suspected diseases and ismart analysis of identified data
  • Development and validation of various algorithms, digital products and machine learning models on real clinical practice data
  • Conducting scientific research and research in the field of studying EHR

Accumulated data

Digital twins




Medical records


Identified features