Collection, analysis of RWD (Real World Data) from EHR, including the usage of artificial intelligence technologies

Product value

Effective Clinical Research

Improvment of the development and launch to the market of new drugs, retrospective studies

Real-world data automated analytics

Evaluation of the effectiveness of drug therapy, search of clinical and demographic characteristics

Evidence based on RWD

Research and publication of scientific reports and articles based on the analysis of the generated RWD datasets

Постмаркетинговый мониторинг

Evaluation of the effectiveness of studies confirming the clinical benefit of the use of drugs


  • Сollection of de-identified medical data from electronic medical records (EMRs)
  • Automatic merging of different episodes into a single digital patient profile
  • Automatic feature extraction from unstructured medical records
  • Identification of errors in data, detection and elimination of duplicates
  • Formation of structured data sets according to customer requirements
  • Analysis of Collected Real-World Clinical Practice (RWD) Datasets

Нow does it work?

  • We connect medical data providers to Webiomed by signing appropriate agreements for the right to collect and process anonymized data
  • We ensure full compliance with the requirements of data protection legislation and their reliable protection
  • We create various RWD sets and perform analysis based on them
  • Based on the obtained sets and the results of analytical processing, we help our customers to conduct RWD / RWE studies with participation of professional  research organizations

What for

  • Assessment of disease prevalence, risk factors and clinical characteristics
  • Evaluation of drug influence for target outcome, description of treatment regimen
  • Identification of suspected diseases and ismart analysis of identified data
  • Development and validation of various algorithms, digital products and machine learning models on real clinical practice data
  • Conducting scientific research and research in the field of studying EHR

Accumulated data

Digital twins




Medical records


Identified features