Alexsander Rogov

Expert in Mathematical Modeling, PhD

Project role

Mathematical Modeling Expert


Ph.D. in Mathematics, Professor

Professional achievements

Head of the Department of Probability Theory and Data Analysis, Institute of Mathematics and Information Technology, Petrozavodsk State University


  • Diploma of PetrSU (2019)
  • Honorary title Honored Scientist of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2015)
  • Honorary title "Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation" (2009)
  • Honorary title "For the development of students' research work" (2001)
  • Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (2000)
  • Scientific work

Recent publications:

  • Malodushev S.V. Mathematical model for evacuation people from corridor-type buildings [Text] / S.V. Malodushev, A.A. Rogov, R.V. Voronov // Mathematical model for evacuation people from corridor-type buildings // Bulletin of St. Petersburg University. Applied math. Computer science. Management processes. - St. Petersburg, 2019 .-- vol. 15, N3. - P.374–383. (VAK, Web of Science, Scopus, RSCI)
  • Rogov A.A. Software support in solving the problem of attribution of texts [Text] / A.A. Rogov, K.A. Kulakov, N.D. Moskin // Software Engineering. - Moscow, 2019 .-- V. 10, No. 5. - S.234-240. - ISSN 2220-3397. (VAK, RSCI)
  • Rogov A.A. TASK OF SELECTING BIT SPEEDS OF MEDIA FLOWS [Text] / A.A. Rogov, R.V. Voronov, E.A. Petrov // BULLETIN OF THE VORONEZH STATE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY. - Voronezh, 2017.- T.13, No. 1. - S.18-21. (VAK, RSCI)
  • Sidorov, Yu.V. Comparison of dendrograms with an equal number of vertices [Text] / Yu.V. Sidorov, P.V. Kirikov, A.A. Rogov // Uchenye zapiski Petrozavodsk State University. Ser. “Natural and technical sciences” .. - Petrozavodsk: Petrozavodsk State University, 2011. - No. 8 (121). - S.108-110.
  • Kotov A.A. Features of creating an electronic resource "materials for the syntax dictionary" [Electronic resource] / A.A. Kotov, G.B. Gurin, A.A. Rogov, A.V. Sedov // Russian Scientific Electronic Journal "Electronic Libraries", Volume 13 - Issue 2, 2010 - Moscow, 2010. - T.13, issue 2. - S. 81-86. - Access mode: /index.phtml?page = elbib / rus / journal / 2010 / part2 / KGSNSR. (RSCI)
  • Report/article in materials (proceedings) of conferences, symposia, etc.
  • Lebedev A.A. On the problem of creating marked-up text corps in 19th century graphics [Text] / A.A. Lebedev, A.A. Rogov, K.A. Kulakov, N.D. Moskin // Proceedings of the international conference "Corpus Linguistics-2019". - St. Petersburg, 2019 .-- S.296-302. - URL: (RSCI)
  • Rogov A.A. Mathematical methods of attribution of anonymous articles [Text] / A.A. Rogov, N.D. Moskin, Yu.V. Sidorov, T.G. Surovtsova // Modern methods of applied mathematics, control theory and computer technology: proceedings of the XI International scientific conference PMTUKT-2018 (Voronezh, September 18-24, 2018). - Voronezh: Publishing House "Scientific Book", 2018. - P.227-230. (RSCI)
  • Rogov A.A. Information system "Typology and attribution of the handwritten text of the XIX-XX centuries." [Text] / A.A. Rogov, N.I. Sobolev // Scientific and educational information environment of the XXI century. Materials of the X All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference. . - Petrozavodsk, 2016 .-- S.137-140. (RSCI)
  • Kotov, A.A. Mathematical models, methods and algorithms for constructing marked-up corpus of texts [Text] / A.A. Kotov // Classical University in the Transboundary Space in the North of Europe: Strategy for Innovative Development: Materials of the International Forum (Petrozavodsk, December 9 - 13, 2014). . - Petrozavodsk, 2014 .-- S.206-209. (RSCI)


  • Kotov A.A. Linguistic corps. Scientific electronic publication. 2nd edition revised and supplemented. [Electronic resource] / A.A. Kotov, Z.I. Mineeva, A.A. Rogov [et al.]. - Petrozavodsk: PetrSU, 2016 .-- 86 p.
  • Rogov A.A. Mathematical methods of text attribution [Text] / A.A. Rogov, T.G. Surovtsova, Yu.V. Sidorov [et al.]. - Petrozavodsk: Publishing House of PetrSU, 2014 .-- 96 p. - ISBN 978-5-8021-20-46-0.
  • Kotov A.A. Linguistic Corps [Text] / A.A. Kotov, Z.I. Mineeva, M.Yu. Nekrasov [et al.]. - Petrozavodsk: Petrozavodsk, 2014 .-- 140 p. (RSCI)

Teaching Aids

Kotov A.A. Linguistic Corps as an Object and a Research Tool: A Training Manual. [Text] / A.A. Kotov, M.Yu. Nekrasov, A.A. Rogov [et al.]. - Petrozavodsk: PetrSU, 2012 .-- 54 p.

Main area of ​​professional interest

Applied Mathematical Modelling