28 апреля 2021

Course towards development: strategic session with Zest Leaders


The Webiomed team took part in the strategic session organized by the Zest Leaders team and led by Pavel Kiryukhantsev.

Pavel Kiryukhantsev is the managing partner of Zest Leaders. He has over 20 years of experience in building corporate universities, and in transformational and developmental work in Europe and Russia.

Investors, company founders, and top managers attended the strategic session. The main objective of the session was to determine the goals and strategy of the company development, to form the foundations of leadership in the team.

Under the leadership of the Zest Leaders team, in two days of intensive work, the current situation and transformation processes in the company were analyzed and the issues of company and team development were updated.

We would like to thank the Zest Leaders team of professionals for their productive and meaningful work!

Zest Leaders website: https://zestleaders.com/


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