25 марта 2021

K-SkAI has joined the “Otechestvenny Soft” Software Publishers Association

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K-SkAI, a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation and the developer of the Webiomed predictive analytics and risk management platform in healthcare, has joined the Otechestvenny Soft (Russian: Domestic Software) software publishers association.

Otechestvenny Soft is the most influential association of domestic producers of replicable software in Russia. The Association was founded in 2009 by Russian developers, and currently, it includes 203 companies.

The goal of the Association is to consolidate market players to work together on key issues in the development of the IT industry. The organization develops the interaction of Association members with consumers of software products, develops and promotes industry standards, increases the importance of the IT sector in the general system of division of labor, and promotes the professional growth of Russian software developers.

Joining the Association will expand the opportunities for promoting the company's products, will allow participation in projects that are significant for the industry development, and enhance active interaction with member companies of the Association in order to create joint integrations and make an expert contribution to the formation of the technological and legislative framework of the Russian IT market.

Source (in Russian): https://arppsoft.ru/news/arpp/10246/


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