28 декабря 2020

The results for 2020 were summed up in the Webiomed project

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The Webiomed project team has summed up the preliminary results for 2020. It has been a very eventful and busy year for all of us.

In the spring of 2020, Webiomed has successfully passed clinical trials at the Almazov National Medical Research Centre. Consequently, the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor) approved Webiomed clinical decision support system as a medical device.

Thus, Webiomed became the first artificial intelligence system in Russia to be registered as a software medical device. More details here: https://webiomed.ai/en/news/webiomed-system-first-registrated-russian-software-as-medical-device/

Medical device

In July 2020, the company attracted over 1,8 million US $ of private investment to develop the Webiomed system.

Throughout the year, we have been actively testing various business hypotheses and working on the monetization of the system. Thanks to this work, the total revenue of the company has grown 6.8 times compared to 2019. Read more about the investments in the project here: https://webiomed.ai/en/news/webiomed-has-attracted-investment/


During the year, 10 different projects were implemented in the regions of the Russian Federation. Currently, 76 medical organizations are connected to the system. The Webiomed platform has processed more than 60 million medical documents and more than 2 million patients received a risk assessment.

Webiomed projects

Despite the forced transition to remote work, we adapted to the new conditions and actively developed Webiomed predictive analytics system.

The system currently supports 5 nosologies these being the determination of the risks of developing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, drug addiction risks as well as an assessment of perinatal risks, risks of developing infectious diseases.

Risk assessment
The pandemic forced the company to deal with infectious diseases: pneumonia and COVID-19 itself. Hence, an algorithm for determining the risk group of patients with coronavirus infection was developed. It allows automatic determination of suspicions of COVID-19 based on symptoms, assessment of the risks of an unfavourable course and creation of an analytical dashboard to support management decisions and monitor the development of a pandemic, as well as it has a predictive model to develop possible scenarios of the pandemic. More details (in Russian): https://webiomed.ai/novosti/v-webiomed-dobavleny-prognosticheskie-vozmozhnosti-dlia-borby-s-pandemiei-covid-19/

Currently, we have trained the system to extract and analyze 274 features from electronic medical records. To analyze information, 32 machine learning models are used.

During the year, we actively participated in various competitions and exhibitions in the field of digital health and became winners 8 times:

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