31 августа 2020

We took part in the International Military-Technical Forum "Army 2020"

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Roman Novitsky, CEO, and Alexander Gusev, Chief Business Development Officer of Webiomed took part in the Army 2020 International Military-Technical Forum, which took place on August 23-29, 2020 in the Moscow region.

Roman Novitsky

The ARMY International Military-Technical Forum, organized by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, is one of the world's largest exhibitions of armaments and military equipment. The event has been held since 2015.

The forum is a unique basic platform for demonstrating the best achievements of research and technology, embodied in modern advanced models of intellectual weapons, military equipment, and tech. In terms of the number of exhibits, it is unmatched: the forum has more than 28,000 different models of weapons and equipment were presented.

At one of the discussions as a part of the "Information technology and artificial intelligence in medicine" roundtable of the business part of the forum, the topic of artificial intelligence in medicine was discussed.

Alexander Gusev made a report on "Artificial Intelligence in Russian Healthcare: Regulation and Major Trends".

Alexander Gusev

The report provided a brief overview of the current state of development and application of health software products created using artificial intelligence technologies. The main regulatory requirements for such solutions, examples of Russian cases of AI implementation in medical organizations, as well as the main directions of industry development and barriers in this way were presented.

"Artificial intelligence is becoming as integral to digital healthcare as the introduction of medical information systems or telemedicine. However, AI is a very special topic. There are many pitfalls here, including the proper collection of biomedical data, the regulation of systems as medical devices and the proper product development, which should include clinical trials and well-thought-out testing. It is gratifying that military health officials understand this and are carefully preparing to launch their departmental project, "- Alexander Gusev stated at the roundtable.

More about the forum: https://www.rusarmyexpo.ru/

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