27 мая 2019

WEBIOMED was presented at the Artificial Intelligence technologies 2019 conference

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The international practical conference Artificial intelligence technologies 2019 was held in Moscow on May 22, 2019. It was organized by Open Systems Publications.

The conference was attended by key developers of production and information systems, who discussed practical examples of the use of artificial intelligence in various fields and possible pitfalls.

Dmitry Volkov, agenda director of the conference said:

"In 2018 an explosive interest in artificial intelligence was demonstrated, a lot of experiments that proved the applicability of AI technologies were held. The hype time is over. Our conference is for those who, starting integration of artificial intelligence in production information systems, want to get acquainted with the key developers of tools and platforms and learn how to get the maximum benefits from smart solutions on the examples of real projects. Let artificial intelligence work with you!"

Дмитрий Волков

The expert of our team, Alexander Gusev, made a report on the features of the application of machine learning in health care in the plenary part of the conference. 

The key trends in the use of AI in Russian and international healthcare were briefly outlined in his report as well. 

Александр Гусев

The results of the pilot project of the National base of medical knowledge Association for the testing of AI in medicine in YaNAO, in which our team took part and our CDSS Webomed was presented as a practical case study.

Source (in Russian): https://www.osp.ru/iz/ai2019/

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