19 октября 2018

WEBIOMED was presented at the review of the projects of the National Base of Medical Knowledge (NBMZ)

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The Association of Developers and Users of Artificial Intelligence Systems in Medicine together with the Russian Venture Company conducted a review of projects in the field of clinical decision support systems (CDSS).

The event was held on October 16 in the Skolkovo Technopark within the framework of the Open Innovations Moscow International Forum. The goal of the review was to study and select solutions with the highest priority. Further, the association plans to recommend these solutions to regional executive authorities in order to launch pilot projects of digital transformation of healthcare, thus testing and analyzing the practical experience of their adoption and application.

One of the 5 products selected by the association was our project: WEBIOMED Clinical Decision Support System. The solution helps to identify risk factors and suspected cases of diseases of patients, which is an extremely important area of preventive health care and directly helps in reducing morbidity and mortality.
The system is based on an automated assessment of a variety of health indicators, including the analysis of data from electronic health records (EHR). Webiomed services can be integrated in any medical information systems and software for healthcare, lifestyle and telemedicine applications, etc.
For more information go to the website of the National Base of Medical Knowledge Association (in Russian): http://nbmz.ru/2018/10/19/smotr/,  or Russian Venture Company's official website (in Russian): https://www.rvc.ru/press-service/facebook-review/134981/

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