Clinical decision support system Webiomed.DHRA

Comprehensive assessment of de-identified medical data to identify risk factors, forecast the development of diseases and identify suspicions of missed diagnoses


Экономия времени врача

Сокращение в 10 раз времени на обработку электронной медицинской карты

Высокая точность оценки рисков

До 90% точность прогноза

Сокращение врачебных ошибок

На 15% сокращаются ошибки в определении врачами группы здоровья

Автоматический анализ ЭМК

До 98% точность извлечения данных из ЭМК

Prediction of suspected diseases based on data analysis, recommendations for doctors and patients

The Webiomed.DHRA service does the following:

  •       Analysis of de-identified electronic health records 
  •       Projections of disease development
  •       Identification of high-risk patients
  •       Recommendations for both physicians and patients

Automatically identify suspected cases

You do not need to enter data manually or insist on physicians doing unnecessary work. The analysis is performed automatically.

Use cases:

  • Automatic estimation of the entire population in the database
  • Automatic patient assessment at the moment of hospital admission or discharge
  • EHR assessment on a physician request

We reduce operational errors and treatment costs

The cost of treatment of advanced diseases is 8 times higher than the cost of prevention.

The system implementation provides the following possibilities:

  • Increased accuracy in identifying high-risk patients
  • Our models have an accuracy of 80%, which is 30% better than risk assessment scores
  • We are 2 to 7 times better at identifying risk factors