Management decision support.Webiomed.Analytics

Based on the collected impersonal digital patient profiles, the system forms a unified management analytics and helps managers to make correct and timely decisions to reduce morbidity and mortality based on dashboards and predictive models


Удобные аналитические панели

Продуманный и неперегруженный дизайн

Быстрый доступ к данным

Штатное время формирования любого дашборда - 10 сек.

Исключение риска "подтасовки" отчетов

Вся отчетность сформирована на данных, автоматически извлеченных ИИ из ЭМК

Популяционная аналитика

Реальное понимание ситуации заболеваемости и распространности факторов риска


  • Reported disease analytics
  • Analytics on the prevalence of risk factors
  • Analytics on the distribution of patients by risk groups
  • Support of the main nosological groups: cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, pulmonary diseases, COVID-19, obstetric and gynecological diseases, narcological diseases.

Нow does it work?

  • All information from the EHR send to Webiomed automatically, users do not enter data manually
  • Webiomed extracts all necessary information using NLP technologies
  • Webiomed produces a digital profile of the patient, including the registration of risk factors and possible negative events
  • Based on digital profiles, management analytics is automatically generated every day in the context of individual medical organizations and the subject of the Russian Federation as a whole

What for

The usage of Webiomed management analytics helps managers make prompt and adequate decisions based on real data on the incidence and prevalence of risk factors

  •     Accurate understanding of the prevalence of diseases and the risks of their development
  •     Better resource planning based on the real situation and forecasts
  •     Increasing the effectiveness of prevention, which means preventing morbidity and mortality