Denis Gavrilov

Chief Medical Officer

Project role

Setting and implementation of medical tasks, project planning. Conducting experimental research. The product introduction in medical practice.


Medical education: 2002, Petrozavodsk State University with a degree in General Medicine.

2007,  professional retraining in the specialties of Cardiology, Functional diagnostics on the basis of the St. Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education of the Federal Agency for Health and Social Development.

Professional achievements

Head of the Cardiology Department of the Emergency Hospital in Petrozavodsk, Member of the Russian Society of Cardiology and European Society of Cardiology, Society of specialists in heart failure, Russian Antihypertensive League, Chairman of the Karelian Republican Branch of the Russian Society of Cardiology, Association of outpatient rehabilitation


Total number of publications: 53

International reports

  • Can we achieve two main goals in arterial hypertension treating in current clinical practice: target blood pressure values ​​and cardiovascular risk lowering? Presentation at ESH Satellite Symposium “Resistant Hypertension”, St. Peterburg, Russia, 25 may 2012
  • The dependence of the index of coronary calcium and diastolic dysfunction of the left ventricle Heart Failure Congress 2014, Athens
  • Cardiac complications after loperamide abuse. Cardiovascular pharmacology poster Session FP Number: P4789. ESC Congress 2018, Barselona. European Heart Journal (2018) 39 (Supplement), 1004
  • Recent publications:
  • Monitoring of patients with arterial hypertension using an electronic surveillance map (thesis) Pec. Medical academic journal. - 2004. - T. 4. - No. 3. Appendix 5. - P. 33. 1 / 0.5 Kirillova A.V.
  • The main directions in creating a passport of human health (theses) Pech .. Anniversary scientific conference of young scientists of the north-western region. Conference proceedings. - 2004. P.89-90 1 / 0.5 Dmitriev A.G.
  • The results of complex automation of the clinic of the medical center of Kondopoga (article) Computer Materials of the conference “Electronic Petrozavodsk 2005”
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  • Evaluation of the calcium index of coronary arteries in low and moderate risk arterial hypertension MODERN MEDICINE: FROM FUNDAMENTAL SCIENCE TO CLINICAL PRACTICE, Collection of scientific articles by employees of Petrozavodsk State University. edited by A.N. Poltorak, A.T. Balashova, T.O. Volkova, T.Yu. Kuznetsova Kirov, 2014

Main area of ​​professional interest

Medical practice, cardiology, health care management, medical information systems







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