25 февраля 2020

Our colleagues will take part in the development of national standards for AI in medicine


Russia will soon develop national standards for the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

The Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare profile subcommittee of the Technical Committee for Standardization TC 164 “Artificial Intelligence” will work on the draft standardization documents. Appropriate changes to the structure of the technical committee were approved by an order of the Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency (Rosstandard).

The profile subcommittee in the field of artificial intelligence for medicine included two of our employees: Alexander Gusev, Chief Business Development Officer, and Igor Korsakov, an expert on artificial intelligence.

The work on the creation of Russian standards in the field of AI for health will take place in several areas: the methodology of clinical trials, programs and methods of technical testing, risk management of learning programs, as well as monitoring changes in artificial intelligence algorithms. There will be standards governing the requirements for the structure and application of the datasets for the training and testing of machine algorithms as well.

The head of the profile subcommittee is Sergei Morozov, Chief Freelance Specialist in Radiation and Instrumental Diagnostics of the Moscow Health Department.

“National standards of the Russian Federation will regulate key aspects of the use of artificial intelligence in health care and its role in clinical decision-making. Without unified technical norms approved by the professional community, the practical introduction of AI in the field of healthcare is impossible. I would like to emphasize that the main focus of our work will be on practical health care. We will not involve pharmacology and pharmaceuticals," stated Sergei Morozov.

The subcommittee includes 43 representatives of leading healthcare organizations, IT companies and technology startups.

It is reported that the first editions of the standards will be prepared in 2020.

Source (in Russian): https://www.gost.ru/

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