20 сентября 2021

We took part in the RWD/RWE conference in Russia

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A panel discussion took place on September 16 at the RWD/RWE - Tools for Researching Real Clinical Practice Today and Tomorrow conference. The leading experts in the field of clinical research, leaders of healthcare organizations and representatives of high technologies have discussed the most pressing issues in the field of RWD / RWE development in Russia.

Currently, the RWD/RWE issue is of great importance, since real data helps to solve the problems of practical healthcare from the point of view of pharmacoeconomics. It makes it possible to allocate limited resources rationally and plan activities in a cost-effective matter.

Alexander Gusev, Webiomed Chief Business Development Officer, has made a presentation and spoke about the project. Alexander has also presented examples of analysis of real-world data and its use in scientific and marketing research for the pharmaceutical industry.

Source (in Russian): https://clinpharmbook.ru/p/news/43_16-sentyabrya-konferenciya-rwdrwe-instrumenty-issledovaniya-realnoi-kliniceskoi-praktiki-segodnya-i-zavtra

The recording of the presentation (in Russian): https://aston-health.com/about-us/press-center/news/translyacziya-konferenczii-rwd/rwe-instrumentyi-issledovaniya-realnoj-klinicheskoj-praktiki-segodnya-i-zavtra/


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