21 февраля 2022

We took part in the OpenTalks.AI conference


One of the leading Russian artificial intelligence conferences OpenTalks.AI was held in Moscow on February 17 and 18, 2022.

Key Russian ML/DL specialists met on the same platform to discuss current issues and present their reports in 3 tracks: business, development and science. The main topics of the conference were Natural Language Processing, Computer vision, Predictive analytics, Reinforcement learning, Hardware for AI.


Our colleagues: CEO Roman Novitsky, Chief Business Development Officer Alexander Gusev and Head of Predictive Model Development Vladimir Borisov took part in the conference.

Alexander made a presentation on the ‘Artificial intelligence and predictive analytics for the effective use of electronic medical records’ topic. He spoke about the analysis of anonymized EHRs using NLP technologies.

In the ‘AI in medicine. Open conversation.’ the participants discussed the barriers to the introduction of AI in practical medicine and the difficulty of funding. SbermedAI acted as a partner of the session.

 OpenTalks.AI_Alexander Gusev

Conference website: https://opentalks.ai


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