24 января 2019

WEBIOMED has been launched into the pilot operation in Yamal

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The practical stage of the "Introduction of artificial intelligence systems for medicine" pilot project, which is carried out in cooperation with the Association of developers and users of artificial intelligence in medicine "National base of medical knowledge" started in Yamal.

The first participant was Muravlenko city hospital. To launch the project, Director of the medical information and analytical center of the Yamal medical center Olga Belorus, chief physician of the Yamal medical prevention center Sergey Tokarev and ideologist of our system Alexander Gusev went to Muravlenko

Webiomed launched pilot project in Yamal Health

The Informatization of the health sector in Yamal has always been given great attention, thanks to which the industry has accumulated large amounts of medical data stored in electronic form. This allows us to approach the use of intelligent clinical decision support system (CDDS), including the use as a "second opinion", says project chief freelance specialist of the Department of health of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district in preventive medicine, MD Sergey Tokarev. - Such systems operate on the basis of the analysis of primary electronic health data and certified electronic knowledge bases on methods of treatment of diseases, big data of de-identified information and methods of artificial intelligence.

According to experts, modern information technologies, including CDSS and artificial intelligence, represent a very wide range of opportunities that can be aggregated into several key areas: reducing medical errors, predicting the development of diseases and monitoring patients, involving them in their own health care, including support for a healthy lifestyle.

New intelligent systems will help to detect cardiovascular diseases and cancer in the early stages in a very short time and to rank and predict the risks of pathology, and even to predict the time when the patient will schedule an appointment.

The technology will allow to monitor compliance with clinical guidelines, standards and procedures of medical care, improve the efficiency of the industry as a whole, reducing the likelihood of erroneous conclusions at the stages of the diagnostic search.

An installation meeting with the professional medical community was held, physicians were trained, software was installed and a working group of the project was formed. It will be interesting an interesting activity, about which we will be sure to keep you informed.



Source: http://www.yamalcmp.ru/novosti/v_yamal_skom_zdravoohranenii_startoval_proekt_po_vnedreniyu_iskusstvennogo_intellekta/


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