07 сентября 2021

A project for the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare in the Kirov region was nominated for the IT Stars award

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“Application of artificial intelligence technology to identify patients at high risk of developing cardiovascular diseases in the Kirov region" project was included in the list of finalists for the Georgy Gens IT Stars Award in the Innovative Project in Healthcare category. The project was implemented by the government of the Kirov region together with K-SkAI LLC (the developer of the Webiomed predictive analytics platform).

In the course of the project, with the help of Webiomed, a group assessment of cardiovascular risks (CVR) of the population registered in healthcare organizations and a retrospective assessment of the results of clinical examination were carried out for the correct interpretation of the medical data available on every patient. 11 healthcare organizations of the Kirov region took part in the project. In retrospective assessment, 29,641 clinical examination records were evaluated. Machine learning models were used to assess the risks of CVD development. The region received a full predictive characteristic of high-risk patients and the opportunity to organize the prevention of CVD more effectively.

The Webiomed platform is designed to automatically analyze anonymized medical data in order to predict the possible development of diseases and their complications at the personal and population level. Artificial intelligence technologies are actively used in the system, including NLP and machine learning. Webiomed is the first Russian artificial intelligence system for healthcare, which has successfully passed independent clinical trials and is registered by Roszdravnadzor as a software medical device. At the moment, the system supports 40 diseases and is already used in 10 regions of the Russian Federation.

The IT Stars award bears the name of the founder of the LANIT group, Georgy Gens, who stood at the origins of the development of IT in Russia. Georgy did a lot for the development of the information society in the country. LANIT company is the founder of the award. It was organized with the support of the Association of Managers and the Association of Computer and Information Technology Enterprises.

The projects and products presented for the award were evaluated according to such criteria as innovation, scale, relevance of the problem being solved, value for the IT industry and economic or social effect from their implementation. The winner of the award will be determined by open voting. The award ceremony will take place on October 6, 2021 in Moscow.

Андрей Саликов“Today, one of the significant challenges is the interpretation of health data obtained as a result of screening. The use of the Webiomed platform allows to improve the detection of cardiovascular risk factors in the prevention of CVD, to correctly attribute the patient to the risk group, which in turn will improve the efficiency of clinical examination in terms of preventing the development of CVD. We help physicians understand possible negative events with a patient's health in the future,” noted Andrey Salikov, Chief Commercial Officer of Webiomed.

Source (in Russian): https://www.vedomosti.ru/press_releases/2021/09/02/opredeleni-finalisti-premii-it-stars-imeni-georgiya-gensa


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