21 апреля 2021

We took part in the SCIENCE. MEDICINE. INNOVATION conference

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On April 21, 2021, the 4th SCIENCE. MEDICINE. INNOVATION research and practice conference was held online.

The goals of the conference included the creation of an effective and interactive professional platform for the exchange of experience and knowledge, the improvement of the communication between different departments (science, healthcare, and business), the popularization of innovations, modern technologies, and research in the field of healthcare, to provide more effective patient treatment and make key decisions in the field of health.

Alexander Gusev, Webiomed Chief Business Development Officer has made a presentation on the following topic: "Prospects of artificial intelligence technologies in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases".

In his presentation, Alexander shared his experience in the development and research implemented in the creation of Webiomed platform of predictive analytics and risk management in healthcare based on machine learning.

Alexander emphasized that the main task of CVD prevention is the early and accurate identification of persons with a high risk of various CVD events, including the development of various diseases and complications, the occurrence of so-called vascular catastrophes (heart attacks, strokes), and ultimately, predicting the risk of death from CVD.

The purpose of the Webiomed system is to predict the possible development of diseases and their complications at the personal and population level using automatic analysis of medical data. The introduction of an automated monitoring system for high-risk patients will allow for personal prevention and epidemiological monitoring of high-risk patients, which meets the goals of the Russian National Healthcare Project.


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