06 апреля 2021

Webiomed platform integrated with Renovatio

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The K-SkAI company, a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation, has completed the process of integrating the Webiomed predictive analytics platform with the cloud-based medical information system Renovatio, one of the leaders of the market for private medical organizations.

Today Renovatio is used in 42 regions of the Russian Federation. Their clients include more than 300 clinics in different regions of Russia and neighboring countries, who provide medical services to 200 thousand patients a year.

Today Renovatio

Renovatio medical information system allows the implementation of an electronic health record as well as optimization of clinic management as efficiently as possible.

The following integration scenarios are realized:

1. A physician, while working with a patient's electronic health record, can request an assessment of risks and suspicions from the WEBIOMED system. WEBIOMED analyzes all patient data in an electronic health record for the risks of developing various diseases, and the result is displayed to the physicians and put in the patient's record.

Renovatio EHR interface

Renovatio EHR interface

This allows real-time automatic identification of risk factors for the development of various diseases or deterioration of the patient's health status, receiving recommendations for patient management based on the data of their medical history. Therefore, the risk stratification of patients is significantly improved as the personal characteristics of disease development are taken into account.

2. Renovatio medical information system can automatically monitor patients of a medical clinic. There are several scenarios for this:

  • Automatic assessment of all patients registered in the calendar before the appointment;
  • Automatic assessment upon entering the admission department of the hospital;
  • Automatic assessment when opening or closing a treatment case;
  • Automatic assessment of groups of patients who have had COVID-19 or another group of diagnoses.

The companies are planning further integration development, including improved analysis of textual medical records and instrumental examination protocols in order to reduce possible medical errors.

Roman Novitsky“The key direction of development of the Webiomed project is integration with leading Russian medical information systems and the following launch of joint partner projects. Renovatio is the first medical information system for commercial healthcare to use our predictive analytics and artificial intelligence solutions.

We are confident that the integration performed will allow the owners of private clinics, who use the Renovatio system to give their patients new value and strengthen the prevention of possible health deterioration, thereby improving the attractiveness of the clinic in the eyes of their patients in comparison with competitors" mentioned Roman Novitsky, the CEO of K-SkAI.


DDmitry Iovamitry Iova, the Development Director of Renovatio Soft Company, commenting on the project, said: “At the moment, there is a clear tendency in the healthcare market that medical information systems are losing local significance.

The main vector of development is the ability to integrate with other external information systems, from self-recording portals to post-processing systems (BI, end-to-end analytics, etc.).
It is this aspect that fundamentally distinguishes the Renovatio Clinic medical information system from other similar products, since the possibility of integration was initially embedded in the development of our product.

One of the striking examples of the company's development strategy is the integration with Webiomed, which allows analysis of all of the patient's medical data by risk factors and diseases. Until now, such opportunities were not available in Russia, but now they should become part of everyday practice.

At the moment, several pilot projects of this integration are being launched. There is no doubt about the success of these projects and the following transition to the extensive use of this opportunity".

Company Renovatio website: https://rnova.ru/


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