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Overview of Russian clinical decision support systems

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Alexander Gusev,
Chief Business Development Officer

Clinical decision support systems (CDSS) and artificial intelligence (AI) products are likely to become, along with telemedicine and electronic health records (EHR), the backbone in the development of digital health.

The topics of CDSS and AI are among the most popular in the media, blogosphere and social networks in the field of medicine. There is constant news about the creation of new solutions by various companies, start-ups and research associations in the field of artificial intelligence and clinical decision support.

Russia has is yet not hopelessly behind, but is still rather at the start. “Russians are slow to mount but ride fast” applies to everything and digital health is no exception. But nevertheless, those domestic solutions and teams that work on this topic are already offering quite specific products and services.

We are constantly monitoring the emerging news and publish them in this review. Currently, we know about 46 Russian developments in the field of clinical decision support systems, including ones built with the application of machine learning and AI technology.

Review last updated: December 16, 2019

We have identified 5 product groups:

  1. Diagnostics, including differential diagnostics
  2. Prevention of diseases and complications using forecasting
  3. Treatment assistance, including selection and control of therapy
  4. Patient monitoring, including automated remote monitoring
  5. Wearable devices and hardware that uses AI in its work симые устройства и оборудование

A brief description of the solutions for these groups is presented in the table below:

No. Solution Description Website
1 Botkin.ai is the system is designed to automatically detect pathological manifestations in X-ray studies, CT and MRI, as well as mammograms. http://botkin.ai
2 Third Opinion. In collaboration with oncology clinics, the company is developing an interface for recognizing blood cell types, as well as developing software for the analysis of medical images of lung radiography, mammography, computed tomography and ultrasound. https://3opinion.ru/
3 UNIM is a company that develops a software platform for pathomorphological diagnostics and at the same time is a large diagnostic operator (about 4000 patients per month). Technologies represent an end2end solution for organizing laboratory work in a digital format. It includes artificial intelligence-based clinical decision support systems. https://unim.su/
4 CoBrain-Analytics is a platform for collecting, storing, analyzing and processing large medical data on the human brain in different conditions. It helps to diagnose, form personal therapy for patients with brain diseases and identify pathology that has not yet been physically manifested.  https://cobrain.io/
5 Doctor Tomo is an intelligent technology for early diagnosis of lung cancer pathologies based on computed tomography data. http://doctor-tomo.ru/
6 Analysis of fluorograms. The service can analyze digital fluorographic images and identify pathologies in them. http://www.ftizisbiomed.ru/
7 Skychain Global is a platform for creating AI solutions for medicine, including image analysis and pathology detection. http://ru.skychain.global/
8 Autoplan helps to analyze medical images and form examination protocols. http://autoplan.clinic/
9 Care Mentor AI is an artificial intelligence system for the interpretation of radiation examination results (X-ray, CT, MRI and mammography), which aim is to optimize the detection of various pathological conditions at an early stage. http://carementor.ru/
10 Diagnocat. The system recognizes tomographic dental examinations, helps to make a diagnosis and gives physicians recommendations for treatment https://diagnocat.com/
11 Solutions of xGen family include products to help diagnose a range of diseases. http://www.xgen.ru/soft.htm
12 CVisionLab. They develop high-tech software in the field of computer vision and machine learning, including the analysis and recognition of medical images. https://www.cvisionlab.com/
13 Doctor AIzimov. It analyzes computed tomography images for oncological pathology. MedRussia news 
14 Check Melanoma. It analyzes photographs of moles to identify suspected malignant tumors. Project news
15 Celsus. They develop neural networks that allow you to identify pathologies in X-ray and computer tomography. https://celsus.ai/
16 Anna Project. They create a range of services for working with digital images, including the use of AI to search for pathologies and automated filling out of protocols. http://mri-ai.com/
17 Skinive allows to identify suspected skin diseases and conduct self-control between examinations at dermatologists for patients predisposed to skin cancer, viral, fungal and bacterial diseases https://www.skinive.com/
1 MeDiCase is a system of pre-medical diagnostics of acute and chronic diseases using artificial intelligence methods, which helps to carry out the initial examination of the patient, making decisions on the need for an in-person examination, calling an ambulance, monitoring the course of chronic diseases. http://medicase.newdiamed.ru/
2 Webiomed is a service for automatic assessment of patient health indicators, including based on EHR analysis and prediction (prognosis) of the presence or development of diseases, created those including using artificial intelligence methods. http://webiomed.ai
3 ABI Assist is a system of primary vascular screening based on the integration of a volumetric sphygmography apparatus with an information system for supporting clinical decisions. https://abisystem.ru/
4 Sapia is a clinical decision support system for assessing the severity of acute pancreatitis. It allows you to assess the severity of the disease in the early stages of the patient hospital admission according to laboratory examinations. http://rd-science.com/ru/
5 Software calculator based on an artificial neural network that predicts recurrence of Itsenko-Cushing's disease within 3 years after endoscopic transnasal adenomectomy. http://medcalc.appspot.com/
6 Software calculator used for calculating the final achieved growth and its SDS in patients with STH deficiency based on mathematical models of artificial neural networks. http://alfa-endo.ru/page/calc
1 Spravochnik Vracha. It is an app for Apple iOS and Android that gives clinicians access to medical calculators, patient condition rating scales as well as clinical guidelines and medical libraries to help them make informed clinical decisions. https://www.medsolutions.ru/apps/spravochnik-vracha
2 Electronic Clinical Pharmacologist helps a doctor in prescribing pharmacotherapy and helps to reduce medical errors and complications in clinical practice. https://www.ecp.umkb.com/
3 Automated prescription screening helps to check the correctness and safety of prescribed drug therapy. http://element-lab.ru/
4 Droice Labs is a digital assistant embedded in medical information systems to help clinicians make better decisions. https://droicelabs.com/
5 Galenos is a clinical decision support system that allows you to monitor the implementation of medical standards. https://galenos.ru/
6 Algom is a medical information resource based on evidence-based medicine. https://algom.ru/
7 Kiberis is an online service for selecting the optimal treatment and checking the safety of the therapy. https://kiberis.ru/
8 Chirp is an online service for patients that helps to determine the correctness of treatment and check the compatibility of drugs. https://chirp.ru/
9 PME Planner is a system for calculating the correction of congenital or post-traumatic deformity of the femur for the needs of traumatology and orthopaedics. http://www.polygonmed.com/ru
10 A system for reconstructive surgery of the spine and pelvic complex, which will prompt surgeons to the optimal intervention option and calculate the necessary operations for cases that do not fit into standard algorithms.  
11 Medical Standards Platform. It contains texts of medical standards in a structured form. http://medstandards.tilda.ws/
12 MedicBK is a platform for uniting doctors in order to accumulate knowledge about the effectiveness of drugs. http://medicbk.com/
13 Lexema-Medicine is a specialized CDSS for prescribing personalized therapy using artificial intelligence algorithms http://lexema.ru/solutions/lexema-medicine/
Patient Monitoring
1 Medarhiv allows remote monitoring of patients, includes a mobile application for patients and allows you to connect various personal medical devices. https://www.medarhiv.ru/
2 OncoNet is designed to monitor the state of cancer patients at home in the post-hospital period with the integration of the patient self-monitoring and remote rehabilitation services. https://onconet.online/
3 Qapsula is a patient support system that helps improve the effectiveness of prevention and treatment. https://www.qapsula.com/
4 Medsenger is a cloud service for remote consultation and patient management. https://medsenger.ru/
5 Doctor Smart is a blockchain platform for remote consultations in the field of health, which has a decision support system that accompanies specialists at all stages of their work. It uses artificial intelligence methods. https://doctorsmart.io/
6 Venul. Hypertension is a platform for monitoring chronic patients with hypertension and coronary artery disease. https://venul.com/
Wearable Devices and Hardware
1 CardioQVARK is a personal electrocardiograph connected to a smartphone. http://cardioqvark.ru/
2 KardiRu is a remote ECG using telemedicine and automatic data evaluation. https://kardi.ru
3 Ritmer is a miniature telemedicine module that is attached to the patient's body and continuously records the ECG signal, accelerometer data and records changes in the state of the cardiovascular system. https://www.ritmer.ru/
4 OneTrak is an ecosystem of gadgets, devices and software for health monitoring. https://onetrak.ru/
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