Artificial intelligence in medicine

07 Янв 2020  |   1 249

The list of software registered as a medical device in Russia

The topic of registering software as a medical device remains one of the most relevant in the digital healthcare market. …

07 Ноя 2019  |   1 041

Features of medical data collection for the creation of AI systems from the personal data protection legislation perspective

Introduction In 2017, The Economist proclaimed that the world's most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data ( The …

20 Сен 2019  |   3 629

The map “Artificial Intelligence in Russian Health Care”

One of the most promising areas of digital health development is artificial intelligence. There are new developments and researches that …

16 Июл 2019  |   3 232

What Russian healthcare managers are thinking about artificial intelligence

Although the AI pilot projects are still rare, the vast majority of Russians healthcare leaders are aware of the benefits and opportunities …

25 Фев 2019  |   1 482

Requirements for CDSS as a Service

Introduction Today we are observing the trend of development of Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) as separate digital services that can …

05 Окт 2018  |   2 710

Report: Artificial Intelligence in Russian Medicine: Decision Support Systems

Annotation of the “Artificial Intelligence in Russian Medicine: Decision Support Systems” report, published on the RAMN portal states that the …

30 Сен 2018  |   1 582

Overview of Russian clinical decision support systems

Clinical decision support systems (CDSS) and artificial intelligence (AI) products are likely to become, along with telemedicine and electronic health …

28 Авг 2018  |   4 320

On registration of Clinical Decision Support Systems as Medical Devices

The key area of ​​digital healthcare is the use of Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS), which, among other things, will …

30 Июн 2018  |   2 598

About the Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. Digital Health session

On June 26-28, the National Consilium of Honored Doctors of Russia was held in Moscow. The event was organized by the …

23 Май 2018  |   1 388

An overview of open-source medical imaging data for machine learning

Having a high-quality source of labeled medical data is a key condition for the successful creation of AI solutions for …

14 Май 2018  |   1 320

Practical guidelines for creating artificial intelligence for healthcare

The article was co-authored with Mikhail Pliss, Deputy Director for Expert and Analytical Work at the National Research University Higher …

31 Янв 2018  |   1 214

Top 10 Articles on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence, neural networks and machine learning have entered the healthcare digitalization industry quickly and firmly as one of the …

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